Isaiah Rowley

26179589_10155036562341466_1169938435_o.jpg‘I will drop anything I am doing in order to be there for Isaiah.’ These are the words of Ronnie, father of 8-year-old plant pot designer and creator Isaiah Rowley. Ronnie has, for years, been one of the biggest inspirations and motivators in Isaiah’s life.  Ronnie’s unwavering support is one of the reasons that Isaiah is as dedicated and motivated as he is to his own creations. At 8 years old, Isaiah is a creative force who has been influenced by both his entrepreneurial parents (Ronnie and Donnamarie), as well as the copious amounts of hours of HGTV construction and design shows he has viewed over the years.

From an early age, Isaiah had always loved to demolish and reconstruct things, something he saw firsthand when he would visit his father on his job sites for his construction company, Ronnie’s Solutions. His parents try to encourage his creative process, letting him be free to express himself in whatever way possible. From designing and building a bar table overnight for a family get-together to designing and crafting concrete plant pots (his most recent endeavour). When his parents saw the interest he had in construction and design, Ronnie quickly went on Youtube, found a tutorial for creating the concrete plant pots and they decided to tackle it as a team. No task was too big for the Rowleys to undertake!

Ronnie encourages him to sketch out the numerous ideas that come into Isaiah’s head (and they are many) and then they take it a step further and make it a reality. Ronnie does not hesitate to spend a weekend sourcing items for their latest construction project. He sees his main role as Isaiah’s father to be his supporter, supervisor of power tools and overall guide. ‘I can only guide my child in the direction he wants.’

A student of a homeschool environment, Isaiah attended the Modern Educational Design School and will be moving to Daniel’s Institute for the new term. The holistic approach to the homeschooling educational system is very important to both Donnamarie and Ronnie, as they also encourage him to be different and allowing Isaiah to express himself with the necessary guidance. It has also afforded Isaiah the opportunity to spread his wings and create outside of the box. Classes in Chess are a norm, and his recent class projects saw him creating and demonstrating holograms as well as creating a model to demonstrate flooding (which he created using recycled products) are quite amazing! No wonder he has no time for video games!

While he has a definite skill when it comes to construction and design, his real passion lies in golf. He started to play golf as early as 5 years old and he has big plans of going pro, an endeavour backed by his personal coach who sees his budding potential. For now, he will persist in fine-tuning his plant pot designs, so pay attention, because I am sure they will continue to be a hit! He will also continue to be an inspiration to everyone; friends and adults alike.

Disclaimer: This article was originally written for, and published by CARE in the TT Guardian on Friday January 26th, 2018. 

Omega is a freelance copy-editor and writer, who also finds time to blog about mom-life and writer-life on her website:



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