Brianna Rodrigues

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For Brianna Rodrigues, finding her passion and purpose in a large family where many of her siblings were doing amazing things was initially daunting. One of seven children to successful entrepreneur Niki Rodrigues, and sister to Aimee-Leigh Rodrigues (who we featured a few months ago), ten-year-old Brianna Jada struggled at first to find her path. However, through the support of her mother and family, she was able to focus on her love for mixing and creating to develop a unique brand.

For a long time, Brianna had a natural inclination towards mixing and making concoctions in order to create something amazing. Oftentimes, this inclination led her to empty numerous bottles of her father’s contact lens’ solution, and the family’s school glue to make slime. Her sister Aimee came to the rescue and redirected Brianna’s focus towards body products, introducing her to YouTube mixology videos.

After sitting through a 24 part series with her daughter, Niki realised how invested Brianna was and was also quite impressed at the depth of research her daughter had done. So, like a true entrepreneur, her mother advised her that since she obviously had found her direction, then she should learn how to focus this interest into something meaningful and profitable. Thus, in December 2017 Brianna’s product making adventures began.

Her brand, B! Beauty includes lip balms and exfoliants, body scrubs and body butters and stands out from the numerous local product brands in one major way; the fact that Brianna allows you to customise your product.  Yes, this 10-year-old has in fact been able to make the act of purchasing a beauty product into a personal experience. You are the master of your product combination and she utilises her knowledge and research to counsel her clients on every aspect of the product; from base, to oil, to fragrance. With B! Beauty you are sure the product is made just for you!

Product making is not her only passion, however. Brianna also loves to sew and is currently developing a special tote bag collection. She has a flair for fashion like her mother that she plans to also focus on, as she is learning to sew and create her own designs.

Now, some may wonder how does a ten-year-old do it? Well, she does it with the support of her family. Brianna does the research and her mother purchases the certified earthy organic natural (EON) ingredients from recognised retailers abroad to make sure that both the ingredients and the final products will be suitable for use by persons of all skin types.

Of course, being homeschooled, her mother made this into a complete learning experience. The science and math aspects of mixing product for use on a person’s body were taken very seriously by both Niki and Brianna. Niki also did her due diligence and made sure the products were safe for use before launching for Mother’s Day. So far, she has gotten glowing reviews (pun intended!) All of her clients have had wonderful results and she has also managed to develop her self-esteem, her knowledge base, and her confidence.

Brianna looks toward the expansion of her brand for the future. She plans to include natural hair products, as well as expand her tote bag selection.


Disclaimer: This article was originally written for, and published by CARE in the TT Guardian on Friday June 29th, 2018. 

Omega is a freelance copy-editor and writer, who also finds time to blog about mom-life and writer-life on her blog:


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