Aimee-Leigh Rodrigues

RHS marketing presents a hamper of their products to Aimee-Leigh after recognizing that she used one of their products in her Foodie Nation video

It all began with a Social Studies/Economics project that her mother, Niki Rodrigues gave to her daughter Aimee-Leigh when she was 8 years old. The project made Aimee-Leigh think about ways on how she could earn a living with the resources she had at her disposal. Having a natural affinity to helping in the kitchen, Aimee decided that she would use the boxed cake mix her mother had in her cupboard to bake cupcakes and sell it to her neighbours and her father’s co-workers. The result: Aimee earned cash and an A from mom the teacher. Success!

Aimee-Leigh’s business acumen blossomed in the homeschooling environment that her mom (an entrepreneur in her own right) had created for all of her children. While she gave them the academic foundation, she also provided them with the freedom and the opportunity to be flexible, and spread their wings in ways that a typical school environment may not have done. The fostering of life skills outside of the classroom, parental involvement, family support, and a strong spiritual foundation gave Aimee-Leigh all the right tools to be successful.

Aimee-Leigh is a typical 12 year old now; she loves studying Mathematics and Spanish, and also finds time to do crafting and painting (two of her hobbies), displaying many of her works around her home. Baking, however, is her current passion.

Busy schedules pushed the timeline for success for Aimee-Leigh and she would soon revisit her love of cooking and baking in 2016 when her mother was unfortunately out of commission with a bad back. Aimee-Leigh, because of her natural inclination to the kitchen, made the easy decision and took the reins. She ended up cooking all the meals for her family. When her mother was back on her feet, she reminded Aimee-Leigh of how much she had enjoyed making cupcakes, and between the both of them, Princess Cupcakes was born.

Aimee-Leigh’s passion for baking saw her doing the necessary research for recipes, which she tweaked to her liking. She practiced her craft at home. All it took was a simple WhatsApp message to Niki’s friends letting them know that Aimee-Leigh was making her cupcake magic once again and they were off with a bang. Within a few weeks, in December 2016, they had sold over 500 cupcakes. On reopening in January 2017, Princess Cupcakes saw Aimee-Leigh busy in the kitchen once more, doing what she loved.

Today, she has found a rhythm that works for her. She supplies basic chocolate and vanilla cupcakes as well as a different featured flavour each month. Companies are clamouring for Princess Cupcakes and Aimee-Leigh is kept constantly busy, oftentimes recruiting the help of her close-knit family to help with the sprinkles. While she is not yet sure what exactly she wants to be when she grows up, we all can say that by looking at her dedication and passion for what she loves, Aimee-Leigh will be successful at whatever she puts her heart and mind into.

Disclaimer: this article was originally written for and published by CARE in the TT Guardian on Friday October 27th, 2017. 

Omega is a freelance copy-editor and writer, who also finds time to blog about mom-life and writer-life on her website:



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