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Isaiah Rowley

‘I will drop anything I am doing in order to be there for Isaiah.’ These are the words of Ronnie, father of 8-year-old plant pot designer and creator Isaiah Rowley. Ronnie has, for years, been one of the biggest inspirations and motivators in Isaiah’s life.  Ronnie’s unwavering support is one of the reasons that Isaiah is as dedicated and motivated as he is to his … Continue reading Isaiah Rowley

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Brianna Rodrigues

  For Brianna Rodrigues, finding her passion and purpose in a large family where many of her siblings were doing amazing things was initially daunting. One of seven children to successful entrepreneur Niki Rodrigues, and sister to Aimee-Leigh Rodrigues (who we featured a few months ago), ten-year-old Brianna Jada struggled at first to find her path. However, through the support of her mother and family, … Continue reading Brianna Rodrigues

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Imani Edwards-Taylor

  At 12 years old Imani Edwards-Taylor has already represented Trinidad and Tobago numerous times in the sporting arena. The daughter of former senior national women’s team player, Astra Edwards-Bennett, and relative to an entire family of competitors, this Form 1, Bishops Anstey student has Table Tennis in her blood. Which was why it came as no surprise that after watching her family compete and … Continue reading Imani Edwards-Taylor

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Aimee-Leigh Rodrigues

It all began with a Social Studies/Economics project that her mother, Niki Rodrigues gave to her daughter Aimee-Leigh when she was 8 years old. The project made Aimee-Leigh think about ways on how she could earn a living with the resources she had at her disposal. Having a natural affinity to helping in the kitchen, Aimee decided that she would use the boxed cake mix … Continue reading Aimee-Leigh Rodrigues

Care Parenting’s Stars on the Rise

This site has been created to provide a digital platform for the subjects of the Care Parenting Magazine’s ‘Stars on the Rise’ column. All articles posted here have been written by Omega Francis. Find out more about her and what she does on her website: Disclaimer: All articles posted here were originally written for and published by CARE in the TT Guardian. Continue reading Care Parenting’s Stars on the Rise